Contact our receptionists on (03) 9499 8911 to book the initial consultation for your child, which takes approximately 1 hour. The initial consultation includes taking a detailed case-history of your child. Please bring along your Child Health Record book if your child has a complex birth or medical history.

Simple assessments will be completed in one session, but children with more complex needs can require 2 or 3 one hour sessions. We provide parents with detailed feedback regarding your child’s assessment results and an opportunity to discuss our recommendations for management.

To assess very young children (up to age 3 or 4 years) we use gentle play-based assessment, observations and samples of speech and language which may be collected in the clinic or at home.

For older children we may use a range of nationally standardised assessment procedures. A comprehensive assessment of a school-aged child can take up to 3 sessions, to include testing of receptive and expressive language, auditory memory, social & conversational skills, oral narrative and reading skills.

An assessment for Autism Spectrum Diagnosis may require 3 assessment sessions, including 2 in the clinic and one in the child's social setting (school, kinder or childcare). Please ask us for an estimate of the costs involved in the assessment and diagnostic report.


Children are allocated a clinician who will best meet their particular needs, and work in a relaxed and child-centred environment at our clinic.  

We aim to make speech and language therapy fun and motivating for kids; many parents are surprised and the kids are delighted at our fantastic range of educational toys, resources, computer programs and apps provided to enhance the therapy experience at Speech Results.

We encourage parents to take part in most therapy sessions. If possible, we encourage you to have your other children minded while you attend assessment and therapy sessions. If you are unable to have your other children minded, that is fine with us too. 

Following the assessment, a program of ongoing treatment weekly or fortnightly may be recommended for your child based on his or her individual needs.  

We will identify clear goals for your child, develop the most appropriate programs and strategies, and provide you with practical and fun ideas to engage your child in home practice activities.


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